My name is Evelyne. My passion for photography grew parallel to my enthusiasm for the outdoors. Over the last few years I spent vast periods of time in the backcountry, and wanted more than memories of the places I’d been. I wanted to represent these landscapes and these mountains; to tell their story and my own with it. 
I grew up in one of Europe’s most densely populated countries: Belgium. Though I like my home country, I doubted my future there for a long time. Something about it was not right, and one day I was sure that I wouldn’t find what I was looking for at home. I needed change. I had to leave.
I moved to Stockholm for my masters and found what I had been longing for, but never thought about in the crowds of Belgium: the great outdoors. When the time came to go back to Belgium I did not. I grew accustomed to living in proximity to a vast backcountry, and I could not miss that anymore.
I was about to finish my master’s in political science when I realised I was still not on the right track. I traveled north to spend my summer in the mountains of Swedish Lapland. That’s where I decided I would throw my life around and become a guide. 
The following autumn I left Stockholm to start working as a musher. During that first season in Lapland I met PJ, who had also decided to change the prospect of office jobs for something entailing a little more time outside. Ever since we have been hiking and exploring together. 
I walked long distance trails in New Zealand, Australia and Nepal; explored the mountains of Norway and Sweden, worked as a musher and a guide. I’ve been privileged to spend extended periods of time in so many beautiful and remote places. These photographs are the stories of my journeys.